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The Pressures of Using Deep Tissue Massage

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

A frequently asked question I get, is can I do deep tissue? It's not a problem, I can do it. However it isn’t always the best solution.

When studying Eastern Techniques, Thi Chi, Qi Gong, some Yoga. They are start simply, simple movements, simple breathing slow techniques to get the body warmed up. I follow this principle in the massage session. Start out easy, work into the body, into the skin, tissue and cells.

I have been fortunate over the years to have had a wide variety of clients, being able to learn about structure, posture, and stress. One thing is for sure we all have the stress. We are literary all a bundle of nerves.

Our nerves constantly fire, while we are awake, while we sleep, while our boss yells at us about some aimless thing. We twitch, we move, we activate the muscles. Trapping tension in the

muscle causing pain, and imbalances start to happen. The body starts to curl in, shoulders are rounded, close to the ears, our backs are hunched over, our heads tilt back further and start causing neck pain and now everything is in CRISIS!

There are things that you can do! But it requires work on your part, it means that you have to take time out for yourself, it means that the world will have to go on without for 60 to 90 minutes. It’s a huge challenge, but it can be done. Make an agreement with yourself to seek out time where you can take yourself out of everything that is going on in the world to recharge your batteries.

I will say this 1000 times, talk to your doctor about your stress, your pain, what’s going on in your life, ask them if massage therapy is a right choice for you. I know we are tough beings, and we can handle the stress but it’s not good for you, for any of us, to carry that burden and wreck our wonderful selves.

Is Deep Pressure worth paying for? TO ME? It’s not, it is a waste of money on many levels. How do you feel after a deep tissue massage? Sometimes you feel great, others hurt 2 to 3 days, maybe even longer. A lot of places sell it as a gimmick. Just because you say you have a sore spot(s) the person will immediately say OH YOU NEED A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. Where you are hoping for therapy all they are seeing is dollar signs.

If your massage therapist goes all CRAZY on your muscles and you know it’s coming. I will guarantee, that those nerves will never stop firing and you are jumping off that table faster than you got on!

For the therapist it’s also hard on our bodies, I do not know why but there is some sort of need to feel like we need to prove ourselves by our strength, when it should be on our knowledge and application. There are also businesses that do not care about their therapists, they will use them up, toss them away only to replace them just as quick.

Deep tissue work needs to be worked into, it needs to be used with extreme care and know when to properly use it. Also it needs to be done WITH-IN the clients pain tolerance. It makes no sense to dig into someone who is already stressed out and sore. On the other side of the coin. Too light of a touch can also be just as unnerving to a client as deep tissue, so it is always best to have a two-way conversation with your massage therapist about likes and dislikes about your massage, before, during and even after the massage.

There needs to be a balance in massage therapy, from energetic body work to deep tissue, by providing a rejuvenating, synergetic therapy session, without the added stress of paying for it, Mind, Body, Soul and Wallet.

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Jan 23, 2020

An honest article, to help educate those who are not aware of the different types of massage therapy.


It’s great to have more information on the differences of the types of massage!


Some very interesting points. With so much tension coming from stress and anxiety, I love the feeling of leaving a session fully relaxed and fully refreshed.


This makes great sense!! So many times I hear people say they like deep tissue massage, but personally I prefer to walk out from my massages feeling relaxed rather than sore and more stressed.

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