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Level Up with Skin Care Coaching at Healing Souls!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Elevate Your Daily Game with Skin Care Coaches Alex & Mya at Healing Souls Massage Therapy

Every day presents an array of challenges and joys. As we navigate this journey, our skin often takes a back seat. At Healing Souls Massage Therapy, we're committed to ensuring that skincare remains at the forefront, and we're excited to introduce our newest team members: Skin Care Coach Alex and the dedicated Mya.

Introducing Seasoned Skin Care Coach Alex

With a distinguished career of over a decade, Alex is a seasoned esthetician deeply committed to enhancing both the beauty and health of his client's skin. His skills span a wide range, from mastering nail care to finessing the ideal balance for individual complexions, Alex promises a holistic beauty experience.

Marrying artistic flair with a scientific approach, Alex offers treatments that are both an art and a discipline. At the core of his approach is personalization; every client, every skin type, and every unique need is meticulously assessed, ensuring a tailored experience.

His keen interest in nail care signifies his holistic view of beauty, attending to those finer details that enhance overall appearance and well-being. With a proactive approach to industry trends and breakthroughs, Alex ensures his clients receive top-tier care.

But for Alex, beauty is more than surface deep. His mission is clear: to help each client radiate confidence and feel comfortable in their skin. Whether it's a tranquil facial, a precision manicure, or a skincare regimen curated just for you, Alex ensures that every client departs Healing Souls feeling renewed and authentically beautiful.

Welcoming Coach Mya

Freshly graduated and fueled with an insatiable passion for beauty and wellness, Mya represents the new age of holistic care. Keen to amplify her expertise, she's delving into nail care artistry and massage therapy. From mastering the latest nail designs to harnessing the therapeutic power of massages, Mya is setting new standards in comprehensive care.

Her journey is marked by a blend of modern techniques and a heartfelt personal touch, ensuring every client feels both valued and understood.

**Why Healing Souls Massage Therapy is Your Next Destination**

Your skin narrates your life's journey, echoing every joy, and every challenge. At Healing Souls Massage Therapy, with the combined expertise of Coaches Alex and Mya, it's time to add a touch of brilliance to your story.


Rediscover yourself, embrace transformative care, and let every day be a radiant chapter. With Coaches Alex and Mya at Healing Souls Massage Therapy, your journey to rejuvenation, confidence, and true beauty awaits. Ready for the next step? We're here to guide you on this invigorating path.

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This is awesome!! Can’t wait to try some of the new services!


Congratulations on your growing family, I wish all of you the best. I cannot wait till I can come for a treatment

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